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Visitors to my workshop and showroom are always welcome to view work in progress and finished pieces on hand or to discuss their own particular projects.

When commissioning a piece of work, customers are encouraged to provide as much input as possible throughout the design and construction of their particular project. A design proposal might begin with a picture from a magazine or a desire to integrate a new piece into an existing décor. Browsing through my extensive library may provide additional ideas. 

Rough sketches around form and function ultimately lead to decisions about choice of materials and type of finish. A scale drawing and an estimate of cost follow.

Work would proceed after the receipt of a deposit, usually one third of the finished price.

Additional funds are required during a prolonged construction with the balance due upon satisfactory completion and delivery.

The time to complete a commission depends on the scale and complexity of design. Chairs and tables can be constructed in a matter of weeks whereas larger fitted casework is usually more time-consuming. Along the way, customers are encouraged to give feedback, and are kept up-to-date with regular progress reports.

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